ASA Reinforcement Steel Software (Since 1969)

aSa Bar List - Bar Bending Schedule Software 

Designed for both rebar detailers and order entry personnel, aSa Bar List encompasses two main components. The first is an interactive input screen, used to enter rebar, plain round steel, mesh, and other miscellaneous products. Built-in error-checking, advanced editing features, and automatic engineering calculations make listing material fast and simple. The second component is a powerful reporting tool. From a single list of material, you can generate a wealth of comprehensive, professional documents, including a Placing List, a Bend Detail, and the Bar List Report — a sorted, accumulated, weighed list of material with totals for each grade, coating, and bar size (diameter).

  • List material faster and with greater accuracy
    Time-saving features and built-in error-checking help you create mistake-free material lists faster.
  • Never enter the same information twice
    Previously entered customer and job information is automatically available to Bar List. Bar List Split, Get Bar List Data, and Save As tools allow you to easily move and copy takeoff from one list to another.
  • Eliminate hand-drawn shapes
    All industry standard shapes are built into the system, plus you can draw and define your own custom "special" bends using aSa Shape Manager. Shape illustrations automatically display on tags and reports.
  • Automate all calculations
    Quantities, hook lengths, slope dimensions, and radius dimensions are automatically calculated and filled in for you — even for user-defined shapes.
  • Generate multiple reports from a single source
    Enter details once. A multitude of management, fabrication, and placing reports are generated from a single material list.
  • Keep office, shop, and field crews informed
    Messages and special notations entered in Bar List allow you to communicate effectively via aSa-generated reports.

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