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aSa Rebar Software Solutions

aSa’s fully integrated suite of software products automates all aspects of reinforcing steel fabrication. The system is modular, allowing you to install only the components you need today with the option to expand as your needs grow.

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Go Rebar

aSa Go Rebar is an online order entry system that is secure, cloud-based, and extremely easy to use. Rebar fabricators: Let your customers order steel online. Rebar detailers and contractors: List material and send your files to fabricators.


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aSa Estimating helps you easily quantify fabrication and placing labor costs for a job. Weight summaries are available to aSa CAD/Detailing and Rebar Financials for easy comparison of actual detailed and shipped weights.



Bundled with MicroStation®, aSa CAD/Detailing assists you in creating placing drawings with speed and accuracy. Bar details taken off from the drawing are instantly available to aSa Bar List and other downstream applications.


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ProRebar® is an advanced 3D CAD software tool used to model, detail, and schedule reinforced concrete structures. The ProRebar package includes Bentley ProConcreteTM, a powerful BIM 3D modeling engine, with special aSa tools designed for rebar detailers, fabricators, and placing firms.


ProConcrete Rebar BIM Icon

ProRebar for Revit

aSa ProRebar® for Revit® allows you to take off material from your Revit model and create a file containing all the information needed to automate fabrication, delivery, and installation activities with aSa rebar software solutions.


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Bar List

aSa Bar List gives you the tools to create formal, sorted, weighted, and accumulated bar lists (orders); bar bend schedules (BBS); and placing lists with field instructions. Data generated in Bar List is used by downstream modules.


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Scheduling / Planning

With drag-and-drop ease, aSa Scheduling helps you plan fabrication and delivery dates, as well as create instructions for loading your trucks. Scheduled orders automatically load into aSa Production for tag generation.


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aSa Production combines two powerful components. Tags are customizable and contain all required fabrication and placing instructions. Shear Optimization reduces scrap, increases production rates, and eliminates cutting/loading errors.


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Bundle Inventory

aSa Bundle Inventory records stock receipts, relieves inventory, and performs book-to-physical reconciliation. By associating stock material to produced items, Bundle Inventory helps you to easily track and manage heat information.



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Material Tracking

Using barcode scans, aSa Material Tracking validates and records every step of the fabrication process, including date, time, and employee responsible. Inquiries show real-time fabrication status, and reports give you a clear picture of machine and employee productivity rates.


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Load Tracking

aSa Load Tracking uses scanning technology to verify that each bundle is loaded properly for shipment. Built-in checks prevent shipping errors, and scans provide real-time status updates on shipped material.


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Delivery Ticket

aSa Delivery Ticket creates a professional-quality document for each shipment that you deliver. In addition to a list of the material shipped, the delivery ticket also includes key information, such as driver and jobsite instructions.



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Plant Manager

aSa Plant Manager, which is free when you implement aSa tracking modules, gives you an on-screen picture of your fabricating plant. At the click of a mouse, you can see real-time fabrication and shipping status, view inquiries, launch reports, and more.


Field Placing

aSa Field Placing helps you to easily manage all of your rebar placing information, from the initial estimate to the last bar installed at the jobsite. You’ll always know how much you’ve shipped, how much you’ve installed, and how many hours your placing crew worked.

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Rebar Financials

aSa Rebar Financials automates all accounting tasks specific to rebar fabrication, including contract management, inventory, shipping, billing, and accounts receivable. It connects to Sage MAS 500 accounting software and can connect to other third-party products, too.


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Opto-Shear Console

The aSa Opto-Shear Console drives the entire shearing operation by completely automating shearing processes and managing the shop crew with easy-to-follow instructions timed for maximum productivity. aSa's controller interfaces with nearly any shearline as an original or replacement console.



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Shop Automation / Barcoding

The aSa Opto-Shear Console automates shearline functions, as well as downloads cutting instructions from aSa Shearing. Equipment Interfaces translate and download item tag data and bending dimensions to machinery by nearly every rebar equipment manufacturer worldwide.

aSa Subscription Service

Client Care

aSa’s Software Subscription Service enables you to take full advantage of free software upgrades, invitations to special events, and dedicated phone and online support.