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Designed to exceed the needs of rebar detailers, fabricators, placers, and engineers, aSa CAD/Detailing combines the engineering design tools of Bentley Systems’ top-rated CAD product, MicroStation, with aSa-developed applications for project management and detailing. Additionally, the system seamlessly integrates with all other modules in aSa’s suite of rebar software products.

Using aSa and MicroStation tools, you’ll detail as you draw in CAD, ensuring accurate bar placement and eliminating tedious calculations. The program automates every aspect of the detailing process, from initial project setup, to creating the drawing, producing accurate bar details, and advanced reporting. Material takeoff is also completely automated, so you’ll never forget or duplicate material to be fabricated.

  • Reduce shortages & errors
    Built-in calculations and error-checking help prevent mistakes. The system tracks and color-codes each item, so you always know what is taken-off and what remains.
  • Turn projects around quicker
    aSa software automates every step of the detailing process, from initial project setup to easy material takeoff directly from the drawing.
  • Eliminate complicated CAD file imports
    MicroStation V8 allows you to open and modify native AutoCAD® files.
  • Accommodate fabricating and placing needs
    Tag messages, special material groupings, and placer-specific reports allow the detailer to help shop and field crews work more efficiently.
  • Detail rebar and everything else
    Include rebar, plain round, mesh, and all accessories on your drawing.
  • Automate drawing and detailing of structures such as beams and columns
    Built-in tools calculate required steel and place these and other common structure types, including linear and circular areas, openings, and footings. You enter the basics such as clearances and laps, and the program handles all the drawing and detailing.

Designed for both rebar detailers and order entry personnel, aSa Bar List encompasses two main components. The first is an interactive input screen, used to enter rebar, plain round steel, mesh, and other miscellaneous products. Built-in error-checking, advanced editing features, and automatic engineering calculations make listing material fast and simple. The second component is a powerful reporting tool. From a single list of material, you can generate a wealth of comprehensive, professional documents, including a Placing List, a Bend Detail, and the Bar List Report — a sorted, accumulated, weighed list of material with totals for each grade, coating, and bar size (diameter).

  • List material faster and with greater accuracy
    Time-saving features and built-in error-checking help you create mistake-free material lists faster.
  • Never enter the same information twice
    Previously entered customer and job information is automatically available to Bar List. Bar List Split, Get Bar List Data, and Save As tools allow you to easily move and copy takeoff from one list to another.
  • Eliminate hand-drawn shapes
    All industry standard shapes are built into the system, plus you can draw and define your own custom "special" bends using aSa Shape Manager. Shape illustrations automatically display on tags and reports.
  • Automate  all  calculations
    Quantities, hook lengths, slope dimensions, and radius dimensions are automatically calculated and filled in for you — even for user-defined shapes.
  • Generate multiple reports from a single source
    Enter details once. A multitude of management, fabrication, and placing reports are generated from a single material list.
  • Keep office, shop, and field crews informed
    Messages and special notations entered in Bar List allow you to communicate effectively via aSa-generated reports.

aSa Production creates tags, fabrication reports, and load check-off lists for each order that you produce. Its optional Computer Shearing module saves time and material by giving your shop crew specific instructions for cutting, packaging, and handling each bundle of steel with maximum efficiency. aSa-generated equipment interfaces automate your machinery with electronic instructions, nearly eliminating setup time and greatly reducing the chance of human error. 

The aSa Difference.
Unlike other applications that simply optimize cutting combinations, aSa Computer Shearing considers the entire fabrication process, including crane calls, bundling, and material movement. This means not only will you improve material yield, you’ll increase overall production rates.

  • Achieve total shop management 
    Easy-to-read schedules, tags, and reports guide your crew through the entire fabrication process, from shake-out, to cutting, tagging, crane calls, bending, end preparation, material movement, and trailer loading.
  • Boost production rates  and  reduce scrap 
    Material yield, shop environment, and time are all considered in aSa’s computer-generated shearing instructions.
  • Prevent shortages 
    aSa creates handy check-off sheets to verify that each required bundle of steel is loaded for shipment and nothing gets left behind. aSa’s  Material Tracking  module can be added to automate this process even further.
  • Get more from your machinery 
    By automating your equipment with aSa-generated instructions, you eliminate the need for an operator to manually enter details, saving time and reducing the chance of errors. For the ultimate in productivity, connect to the aSa  Opto-Shear Console .
  • Take the guesswork out of material handling
    Based on parameters that you define, the system automatically assigns items to the appropriate shearline or off-coil machine. Easy-to-apply production options let you override the default assignment when a machine is down or over-capacity.

aSa Bundle Inventory tracks on-hand stock and remnant material by combining the portability and convenience of a hand scanner with the power of database-driven information storage. When a mill bundle is opened, simply scan its stock tag for real-time inventory relief. The system also simplifies material receipts, remnant tracking, and book to physical reconciliations. Additionally, flexible reports show you the quantity, location, and value of your on-hand material.
  • Eliminate tedious inventory tracking  
    The entire process is automated using barcode scanning technology. To relieve inventory, simply scan the bundle’s inventory tag.
  • Order stock and plan production with ease
    Knowing exactly what material you have on-hand, and where it is in your shop, helps you make quicker smarter production and material purchasing decisions.
  • Scan and store mill certificates
    Mill certs — in any electronic file format — can be attached to heat information within aSa software when material is received.
  • Automate book to physical Reconciliations 
    Book to physical procedures are as simple as scanning your on-hand inventory tags and validating the quantity displayed on the scanner.
  • Manage heat information
    Enter heat information when material is received. When used in conjunction with Material Tracking, Bundle Inventory automatically associates the heat number to the produced items.
  • Manage  all  of your inventory
    Print stock tags and track on-hand quantities of mesh, bar supports, and other accessory items in addition to your rebar.


The ability to exceed your customers’ expectations and keep your rebar shop running smoothly hinges on effective scheduling of material production and delivery. Designed to aid production managers and project coordinators, aSa Scheduling integrates with other aSa modules to help you easily assign fabrication date, delivery date, and shipping trailer for each order that you produce. The system’s easy-to-use interface lets you drag and drop orders onto the desired dates. Advanced reports give your shop crew clear plans for each day’s fabrication.

  • Make informed planning decisions
    Material breakdowns by bar size and bending classification give you a snapshot of what machinery will be used in a given day, helping you to make decisions about manpower and equipment assignment.
  • Get the right material on the right trucks 
    In addition to assigning fabrication and delivery dates, aSa Scheduling lets you specify which orders are to be shipped on which trailers, reducing the chance of shop and delivery errors.
  • Know instantly whether you’ve reached your production capacity
    Based on shop-specific capacities that you define, each scheduled date is color-coded according to whether you are below, at, or over capacity.
  • No more scheduling with whiteboards and calculators
    aSa lets you do all of your scheduling on the computer with easy drag-and-drop tools, allowing the schedule to be viewed from any computer in your office.

aSa software automates nearly all rebar machines manufactured in recent years. When items are processed by aSa Production software, the system automatically creates machine-readable instructions. These instructions are output as barcodes directly on the item bundle tags (or optionally as files that can be downloaded to shop equipment). To set up cutting or bending, all the operator has to do is scan the tag. By eliminating operator entry, this automation saves production time and greatly reduces the chance for human error.

aSa automates shearlines, coil machines, and automatic benders by all major rebar equipment manufacturers: 
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aSa Material Tracking uses barcode scanning technology to record every step of the fabrication process, including the date and time of each operation and the persons responsible for all stages of producing and shipping an item. This real-time record gives you an extra level of quality assurance in the shop. Material Tracking also helps you make smart decisions based on employee and machine productivity rates.

  • Eliminate material flow problems
    When used with Load Tracking, Material Tracking warns the shop crew when a straight item that should have been bent is about to be shipped.
  • Answer field questions in an instant  
    When the installation crew calls about a problem or missing bundle, a simple on-screen inquiry gives you the answers you need immediately, even directly from within an aSa CAD drawing.
  • Track productivity levels
    By reporting the employee, machine, and time associated with each step of the fabrication process, you can pinpoint problem areas to more easily make shop improvements.
  • Integrate all of your production processes
    Material Tracking, combined with aSa’s Scheduling, Production, and Load Tracking modules, gives you all the information you need to efficiently plan, execute, and follow up on material fabrication and delivery.
  • Manage and track heat numbers
    When combined with Bundle Inventory, the system can automatically assign the correct heat number to each fabricated item.
  • Track material based on the unique needs of your shop
    The program is extremely flexible. It is designed to incorporate specific equipment and shop environment settings that you define.

aSa Plant Manager gives you instant access to real-time and historical fabrication information via a virtual shop interface on your computer screen. aSa Plant Manager is an on-screen “picture” of your fabricating plant that you use like a graphic menu. Design the on-screen plant to look like your real one, complete with pictures of your equipment and employees. Then, simply hover your mouse cursor over a bin, machine, or trailer to get an at-a-glance view of fabrication as it happens. Drill down to view inquiries, print reports, and launch applications without ever leaving your virtual shop.
  • Smart, visual interface
    What could be easier than clicking on a picture? Your virtual plant tells you what’s going on at each machine, bin, and trailer in your real plant.
  • No need to open up multiple screens and applications
    Plant Manager provides a single launch point for viewing data, opening programs, and generating reports.
  • Mission-critical data at your fingertips
    In addition to viewing real-time fabrication progress, you can enter a date range to see historical data, such as machine and employee productivity
  • Get answers quickly
    Want to know if a truck is ready to deliver steel? Plant Manager displays “percentage loaded” information and also shows which bundles have been loaded and which remain.
  • Access all the information you want
    Get a high-level overview, or drill down into the fine grains of production data. Plant Manager enables you to do either with ease.

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