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aSa Rebar Financials Software

aSa Rebar Financials is a complete accounting package designed to serve the unique needs of reinforcing steel fabrication companies. Rebar accounting tools, developed by aSa, are built into the powerful framework of Sage MAS 500 business software suite. Every business-related task you perform — from customer and job setup, to shipping, billing, cash receipts, inventory, and GL accounting — is completely automated and integrated.

  • Use one software suite for all of your rebar and accounting needs
    With aSa, you’re completely integrated. Accounting tasks, such as relieving inventory and tracking contract progress, happen automatically based on engineering and production processes.
  • Track your contracts automatically 
    aSa compares estimated, shipped, and billed dollar and quantity values, allowing reports to show you up-to-the-minute job progress.
  • Handle walk-in orders with ease
    When a customer requests material, one simple application is all you need to process an order. Within minutes, you can print the order, a bar list, the tags, bill of lading, and invoice.
  • Manage the inventory you supply
    Inventory applications are specially designed to handle rebar, including automatic conversions among pieces, lengths, weights, and hundred-weight values. The system also handles mesh and other concrete reinforcing accessories.
  • Eliminate repetitive data entry
    When you set up a customer or job in Rebar Financials, the background and engineering defaults that you define are automatically available for Bar List, CAD/Detailing, and Production applications.
A financial solution to meet your needs. aSa offers two versions of its powerful Rebar Financials package: the base package is designed for companies that supply primarily fabricated rebar and other concrete accessories; the Inventory Management package is a better solution for companies with advanced distribution needs, such as dual-role rebar fabricators/construction material suppliers. View the comparison.

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