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Software for Rebar Detailers

aSa Estimating allows you to take off directly from a set of printed or electronic plans to the computer keyboard – no transcribing to and from paper, no manual calculations. All entries are checked for errors and converted to pieces, lengths, and weights automatically as they are entered. Reports organize, summarize, and price material so you can quickly submit a successful bid. Pricing and other defaults are controlled by you; the estimate screen and reports can be structured to satisfy both the estimator’s needs and the bid requirements. 
  • Estimate rebar faster 
    Take off by structure, rather than one bar at a time. Automatically calculates standard hooks and laps.
  • Eliminate tedious calculations 
    The program automatically calculates material required for common structure types, such as linear, rectangular, and circular areas, varying bars; tie configurations; galloping stirrups; and spirals. Plus, you can create your own formulas to handle other structures.
  • Be more accurate 
    Each entry is checked for errors as it is entered. Calculated lengths and weights are displayed for visual verification.
  • Get organized 
    Group your estimate into sections by bid item or by structures, such as foundations, walls, and footings.
  • Calculate estimate placing labor  
    Based on estimate summary information and settings that you define, the program will automatically calculate man-hours and costing associated with installation labor.

Designed to exceed the needs of rebar detailers, fabricators, placers, and engineers, aSa CAD/Detailing combines the engineering design tools of Bentley Systems’ top-rated CAD product, MicroStation, with aSa-developed applications for project management and detailing. Additionally, the system seamlessly integrates with all other modules in aSa’s suite of rebar software products.

Using aSa and MicroStation tools, you’ll detail as you draw in CAD, ensuring accurate bar placement and eliminating tedious calculations. The program automates every aspect of the detailing process, from initial project setup, to creating the drawing, producing accurate bar details, and advanced reporting. Material takeoff is also completely automated, so you’ll never forget or duplicate material to be fabricated.

  • Reduce shortages & errors
    Built-in calculations and error-checking help prevent mistakes. The system tracks and color-codes each item, so you always know what is taken-off and what remains.
  • Turn projects around quicker
    aSa software automates every step of the detailing process, from initial project setup to easy material takeoff directly from the drawing.
  • Eliminate complicated CAD file imports
    MicroStation V8 allows you to open and modify native AutoCAD® files.
  • Accommodate fabricating and placing needs
    Tag messages, special material groupings, and placer-specific reports allow the detailer to help shop and field crews work more efficiently.
  • Detail rebar and everything else
    Include rebar, plain round, mesh, and all accessories on your drawing.
  • Automate drawing and detailing of structures such as beams and columns
    Built-in tools calculate required steel and place these and other common structure types, including linear and circular areas, openings, and footings. You enter the basics such as clearances and laps, and the program handles all the drawing and detailing.


ProRebar ®  is an advanced 3D CAD software tool used to model, detail, and schedule reinforced concrete structures. In addition to improving project turn-around time, the system allows concrete and rebar to be fully realized components of each project’s vision via Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The ProRebar package combines Bentley ProConcrete TM , a powerful 3D modeling engine, with special aSa tools designed for rebar fabricators and placing firms. Quickly and accurately model all components of your structure, including concrete, rebar, mesh, connectors, and other accessories. The system handles cast-in-place and precast concrete elements. ProRebar provides a database-level connection from the 3D model to downstream aSa operations.

From a single ProRebar model, you can automatically generate 2D rebar placing drawings, bar bending schedules, and parts lists. Changes to the 3D model update all related drawings and documents.

  • Use your current CAD platform
    ProConcrete, the package's 3D engine, is the   only   concrete modeling product designed to work with leading CAD packages MicroStation and AutoCAD, maximizing your investment in CAD software and training.
  • Eliminate tedious drawing tasks
    Built-in tools and templates allow you to model concrete and rebar quickly and accurately. Even complex shapes can be easily reinforced without the need to draw individual bars.
  • Connect to aSa downstream operations
    ProRebar has unparalleled connections to aSa’s suite of rebar applications, giving detailers access to key information — such as takeoff, fabricating, and mill cert data — for all the reinforcing contained in the model.
  • Easily detect congestion problems   View modeled concrete and rebar from any angle or distance to find and correct congestion problems or design flaws before they become issues at the jobsite.
  • Share data with other modeling products
    Bentley’s Integrated Structural Model (ISM) technology lets ProRebar share model data with other 3D tools, such as Revit®, STAAD®, and RAM®.

Designed for both rebar detailers and order entry personnel, aSa Bar List encompasses two main components. The first is an interactive input screen, used to enter rebar, plain round steel, mesh, and other miscellaneous products. Built-in error-checking, advanced editing features, and automatic engineering calculations make listing material fast and simple. The second component is a powerful reporting tool. From a single list of material, you can generate a wealth of comprehensive, professional documents, including a Placing List, a Bend Detail, and the Bar List Report — a sorted, accumulated, weighed list of material with totals for each grade, coating, and bar size (diameter).

  • List material faster and with greater accuracy
    Time-saving features and built-in error-checking help you create mistake-free material lists faster.
  • Never enter the same information twice
    Previously entered customer and job information is automatically available to Bar List. Bar List Split, Get Bar List Data, and Save As tools allow you to easily move and copy takeoff from one list to another.
  • Eliminate hand-drawn shapes
    All industry standard shapes are built into the system, plus you can draw and define your own custom "special" bends using aSa Shape Manager. Shape illustrations automatically display on tags and reports.
  • Automate  all  calculations
    Quantities, hook lengths, slope dimensions, and radius dimensions are automatically calculated and filled in for you — even for user-defined shapes.
  • Generate multiple reports from a single source
    Enter details once. A multitude of management, fabrication, and placing reports are generated from a single material list.
  • Keep office, shop, and field crews informed
    Messages and special notations entered in Bar List allow you to communicate effectively via aSa-generated reports.

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